How Will We Be Remembered?

Yesterday serves as a powerful day of remembrance in the history of our nation. The closer people are to the individuals who lost their lives that day, the stronger the remembrance. Regardless of where we were we remember the tragic events of 9-11.

One of the most powerful memories of that day involve the incredible benevolent, servant, and sacrificial acts of leadership connected to those events. Our country continues to remember and honor those heroic acts.

Even though it may be a lesser comparison, we must consider how our leadership will be remembered. Will it be the benevolent acts of service demonstrated toward those in need? Will the sacrifices of our time, energy, and talent as leaders be remembered?

We need to note that it is not always about heroic levels of leadership that are remembered in the highlight reels of life. Perhaps the greatest mark left on the world is the simple and selfless acts done on a daily basis that touch the lives of those in need. Please read Matthew 25:34-40.

Never let an opportunity slip by to touch someone God places on our path in life.

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