Principle of the Hand…

When Paul wrote Timothy he used an interesting word, translated in the NASB as entrust. The idea was for Timothy to take what was entrusted to him and entrust it to others.

Anytime trust is connected to an activity there is a measure of significance associated. However, this relationship of trust goes a little deeper and carries a powerful thought for leadership.

The root of the word involves the concept of placing before or into the hand of another. The idea represents a responsibility. Whatever was placed into the hand carried a responsibility of placing into the hand of someone else that it might be perpetuated into the future.

We know the application as it relates to the Gospel, just as the song indicates, “Into our hands the Gospel is given.” Yet, the relationship to leadership is relevant.

With Timothy, we find the perpetual need of leadership, as Timothy was to ensure the appointment of godly men to serve elders and deacons.

The principle of the hand indicates a succession plan that leaders must consider as they place the future of leadership into the hands of godly men within the Lord’s church.

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