Godly Counsel…

A contrast of counsel is found throughout the Psalms and Proverbs. We are urged not to walk in the counsel of the wicked in Psalm 1. Later in the Psalms David expresses the need to wait for the counsel of the Lord, because His counsel will endure forever.

Solomon claims a wise man is one who listens to wise counsel, and one who possess understanding will acquire wise counsel.

One of the best Proverbs about counsel is found in Proverbs 27:9 where we read, “A man’s counsel is sweet to his friend.”

Leadership should always provide a source of counsel that is based on the word of God, designed to provide guidance to spiritual success and an eternal reward.

When leaders provide godly counsel, several beautiful things occur: 1) Above all, God is glorified, 2) His people are built up in the faith, 3) Leadership is strengthened in righteousness, and 4) The future is secured.

The consequences of not seeking wise counsel can be seen in the life of Joshua (Jos. 9).

Let leaders learn today from his example, then pursue and provide godly counsel.

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