Effective communication can be challenging. Simply because we speak the same language does not indicate we effectively communicate.

Amazingly enough, the advances in technology have not improved our ability to communicate. Worse still, is the fact that most people believe themselves to be good communicators, when in actuality, they are not.

Written forms of communication open the doors for reaching more people at one time, but it does not ensure our communication was effective. The inability to listen to the tone of voice, see the body language, and to repeat back what was heard makes the matter even more complicated.

Leadership requires the ability to communicate effectively. The nature of effective communication means one has the ability to practice active listening. It further involves the ability to express our intent in words understood by those who listen.

While it might appear to be easy, one of the most difficult tasks we face in leadership is communication. We must learn to communicate effectively, which takes time and practice. We may not master the art of communication, but we can certainly improve in this much needed area.

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