Three Powerful Words…

Recently, while reading some of John Maxwell’s material, I came across three powerful words: Survival, Success, and Significance.

Meditate for a few minutes on each of these words. The majority of people only seek to survive. They may only look to where the next meal will come from or how to earn a few dollars to buy food. The matter is one of trying to survive life.

Others seek a level of success. Perhaps they want success in areas of financial security. Maybe they desire success in athletic or academic levels of achievement. In whatever way success is defined, they strive to obtain it.

There are far too few who realize the limited time we have on earth is about making a significant difference. Significance requires thinking beyond ourselves and any kind of inward, self-centered approach. Leaders should understand the power of their influence and wield that influence for the purpose of making an impact that is significant for eternity.

How would we describe our leadership? Are we striving to survive, enjoy success, or make a difference that is significant.

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