What If… Part 2

If may be conditional as it is used within the structure of the English language, BUT, what would we do if we knew we could not fail?

We often make promises or statements of affirmation based on the condition of if. For example, if everything goes according to plan, then we will follow through.

The challenge of our question, in this world according to if, is to see a much bigger picture. Consider the following:

Would we talk to the neighbor across the street if we could not fail?

Would we set greater goals for reaching the lost of our state or country if we could not fail?

Would our approach to world missions take on loftier efforts if we could not fail?

I realize this could get redundant, but give it thought. I say this because we cannot fail! The Bible reminds us not one of God’s good promises ever failed.

He has promised to be with us and never forsake us. He has promised to listen to us and counsel us. He has promised to give the increase.

Why are we waiting?

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