Prepared by the Past…

While traveling across the southern part of the U.S. recently, I looked up in time to see a billboard with the following statement, “The past does not define, it prepares.”

Perspective proves to be reality for all of us. When we consider the perspective we hold on our past, it is amazing how often we define our lives by it. Sadly, we try to live in the past, the glory days of old as we refer to them.

Regardless of what has happened, good or bad, success or failure, how different would the future be if we lived with the perspective that our past only prepared us from something greater?

We cannot live in the past. We certainly cannot change it. Why not use the opportunity to view the past as a foundation for the future God has in store?

I did not have an opportunity to see the name of the company promoting this statement, but I appreciate the value behind it.

We are prepared by the past when we learn from it and lead into a greater future.

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