Potential Hindrance…

We live in an extremely reactive culture. We tend to react to something said or done without giving appropriate thought to the impact of our reaction.

To weigh out our words and the nature of them is an art long past forgotten, or perhaps, abandoned.

Recently, our oldest son dealt with a leadership issue on the job. His thought, as it was expressed to the individual involved, was significant enough it deserves repeating: “Every conversation is important. When a specific wording is missed or an inappropriate judgment made, it can temporarily or permanently stunt another person’s potential to grow in leadership.”

If we understood how our words might promote or hinder the leadership potential of another person, would we give more careful thought to what we say?

Solomon reminds us that the power of life and death are in the tongue, and the book of James reminds us of the unruly nature of the tongue. With our words we either build up or tear down.

We must not allow anything to influence our words in such a manner that would discourage someone from reaching their leadership potential.

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