Why Leadership?

The question is valid and relevant. Why should we study, promote, consider, and develop areas of leadership?

We will explore several answers and, hopefully, strike a cord for all of us to see not only the necessity, but the urgency before us.

I recently attended a Bible class focused on marriage. The emphasis throughout the hour was on God’s design for marriage. The point that really struck a cord was how often we want the application. We want someone to tell us how to “fix” the problem; just tell us what to do.

Rarely, however, do we go back to God’s design. As a result, we continue to struggle with the same problems and issues that have plagued the home for millennia. The requirement for the success of marriage is to recognize and follow God’s design. It is that simple!

My wheels were spinning in regards to leadership. Why leadership? Could it really be that simple? Yes!

The answer begins with God’s design. God has always demanded leadership. Intrigued? Stay with us, we will have more tomorrow.

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