Why Leadership? Part 6

As we continue to examine why we must study leadership, today we turn to another area of concern: the world.

People around the world follow someone. Generally, who they follow depends on the individual(s) that take opportunity to influence them.

If Christians choose not to lead, then where does this leave people in our neighborhoods, nation, and world? If we reject the God given responsibility to shine the light of Jesus, who will people follow?

It would seem that the only possibility is the prince of the power of the air, the ruler of this world, the one who leads them into darkness.

Are we ready to accept the consequences for such a decision?

One of the primary reasons we need to study leadership is because the majority of seven billion people are currently walking from this life into an eternity without a Savior.

Leadership is not an easy task. We are often left vulnerable when we open ourselves up in order to reach out to the world. However, the results of leading those without Christ to Him ignite a passion that drives the future of our leadership. More tomorrow.

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