Why Leadership? Part 7

After considering the subject at hand over the last several days, we conclude with this thought: eternity matters.

The first time this thought was presented, a wave of emotions and thoughts hit me. Could there be a greater reason for the “why” of leadership?

When we look back at the various components of our discussion, God’s design involves the necessity of leadership in the home, church, and world. The foundation, however, that motivates us to establish leadership in each area narrows down to this one point: eternity matters.

Why would God’s design include the role of leadership within the home, church, and world? Because God knows eternity matters.

He understands the brevity of our life on this earth. He knows that once we cross over from this life to the next we cannot turn back or change the outcome. He longs to share what He has prepared for us.

If we could wrap our minds around this great truth, eternity matters, our entire perspective just might change and the direction for every area of our life would become be a bit more urgent.

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