A Time of Respite…

Few times are more important for the demands of life than respite. Basically, the idea refers to a pause for rest from the intensity or amount of something.

Again, when applied to the demands of leadership, this time becomes critical for the ability to accomplish the needs for God’s church. Jesus even instructed the apostles to do the same. He understood the need for rest.

Here are a few ideas for consideration.

First, respite does not mean an extended vacation. Although an extended vacation might be helpful and needed, the idea of respite involves a shorter period to recoup.

Second, utilize the time to its fullest potential. The intent behind this suggestion means we need to remove or set aside obstacles that might distract our rest: cell phone, email, etc.

Third, focus on a greater source of strength. A moment in prayer to seek help from God to provide strength would be a powerful start.

These only provide a starting point for the need of every leader. Leaders rarely take a few moments during the day or week to focus on respite, but this time will make the difference.

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