Experiencing A Few Problems?

All leaders face problems. These problems come in small or large sizes. They often present themselves through the most difficult and negative of people and at the most inopportune time.

I am sure we’ve all known of individuals unwilling to accept a leadership role because they did not want to deal with problems. They did not want to deal with the frustration of complaining, complacency, and a general lack of cooperation.

Problems are not new, but how we deal with them makes a major difference. James Merritt writes about the necessity of patience in leadership. He said, “Problems are not meant to defeat you, depress you, or discourage you. God meant them to develop you.”

If we possessed a more developmental mindset toward problems, we would probably experience an entirely different attitude when they occur.

When problems occur, regardless of the source of the problem, we have an opportunity to evaluate our approach.

The demonstration of patience in these moments may just give us an opportunity to experience divine development. Now that will give us a new perspective on problems.

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