The phrase may sound a bit odd, but the idea behind it is anything but odd.

We live in a world that has a more ego-centric problem. Everything is geared to satisfy self. The issues related to this problem grow exponentially with every breath.

A quick Google search or a tour through Amazon’s book selection reveals the magnitude of the problem. Book titles such as, Love Yourself, Celebrate Yourself, Self-Esteem: You’re Better Than You Think, and The Art of Learning to Love Yourself highlight a proverbial “drop-in-the-ocean” regarding the challenge before us.

The answer comes from a metamorphosis of our thinking. In Life on the Vine, Philip Kenneson discusses the Fruit of the Spirit. The focus throughout each chapter is an “others-centered” mindset.

Leaders must be people-centric, others-centered, if they desire true fulfillment. Even more interesting is the fact that the entire concept is biblical.

Jesus explicitly identifies the first step to discipleship as one of denying self (Lk. 9:23), and Paul caps off the thought with regarding others as more important than self (Phil. 2:3-4).

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