Duality of Purpose…

The concept of leadership raises a multiplicity of thoughts, one of which involves the duality of our purpose.

Whether we think from a corporate, political, educational, or spiritual perspective, two key components exist: 1) first and foremost we follow someone else, and 2) we carry a responsibility to influence those who follow.

Without understanding what it means to follow someone else, we lack the humility needed to influence those who follow.

Numerous authors on leadership emphasize the significance of this truth. Unless we know how to follow, we cannot properly lead.

We do well to remember that true success is not determined by the number of people who follow us, but by the one we choose to follow. We all know of leaders who led masses of people to death and destruction because they followed a self-glorifying purpose, or the wrongful intent of someone else.

Of course we also know of those who led only a few, but led them to victory because they chose to follow God, the One who delivered and provided success.

Knowing the duality of our purpose aids the direction of our choice.

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