Who Gets The Credit?

For years, an idea expressed by Mark Twain was the signature line for several emails I received, “Great things can happen if we don’t care who gets the credit.”

Based on Twain’s statement, John Maxwell suggested another level that emphasizes how great things can and actually do happen when we give others the credit.

While both sentiments indicate a powerful thought, we all know the challenge of applying them to our leadership. Perhaps it is our lack of self-esteem on one hand, or the ego-centric problem on the other, but we seem driven to receive the credit.

When the project is completed, we relish in our pride that it was our plan, suggestion, or leadership that made it possible.

We know from a biblical perspective that spiritual leadership will not allow a self-centered attitude to exist. Instead, scripture repeatedly indicates that we seek after the needs or well-being of others.

Jesus provided this example for us and He desires we pursue the same direction. The result might just develop what Simon Sinek refers to as a “Circle of Safety.”

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