Somewhere in the Middle…

November 15 is somewhere in the middle of the month. While the idea of being somewhere in the middle can raise thoughts of mediocrity, neither for our against, a sort of “riding the fence” mentality, this thought goes much deeper.

As quickly as the days, weeks, months, and years fly by, taking a moment somewhere in the middle seems appropriate to evaluate and ask a few questions.

What have we done up to this point to help reach our goals and achieve the vision? Would our assessment indicate solid progress, or are adjustments needed in order to move us forward? Maybe we need to alter our goal. If so, should the goal be raised because we aimed to low, or should it be lowered because we were to ambitious initially?

Somewhere in the middle affords us an opportunity to evaluate the primary areas of our work and progress to determine how we can lead into the future. Additionally, from this position we have a much better perspective of what the future looks like and how we can cast a greater vision for what lies ahead.

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