Character is critical to leadership, and nothing is more critical to the development of our leadership skills than consistency of character.

While perfection is ideal and something we all strive to attain, we know it is improbable and most likely impossible. Lets be realistic.

We can, however, develop a greater level of consistency. We need to be consistent with our most private moments, which should then be consistent with the words and actions of our life.

When we understand the purpose that drives our life, then we align our words and actions with that purpose. From this point, we develop greater consistency because there is a purpose behind our thoughts, which become our words, which influence our actions.

Whether we consider the environment of our homes, job, neighborhood, or anywhere we go, people recognize consistency.

From a spiritual perspective, nothing holds greater influence.

Consider the definition: “an attribute of a logical system that is so constituted that none of the propositions deducible from the axioms contradict one another.”

I thought you might like to ponder on that thought for a while 🙂

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