A Week To Give Thanks…Opportunity

An opportunity represents circumstances presenting possibility, either to be gained or lost. If we are unable to see the possibility, we will never take advantage of the opportunity.

Life is filled with opportunities. We may choose to pass or act on an opportunity. The possibility also exists that we will neither pass or act on an opportunity because we fail to see it.

As we focus the week on gratitude, we are thankful for the opportunities God provides. Whether we fail to see an opportunity or we see it, what a blessing we have to know God works in our lives daily. He provides us with opportunities to grow closer to Him, recognize the beauty of His handiwork, develop a stronger faith, help and encourage others, love family and friends, work and earn a living, remember those who changed our lives, and the list is unending.

Opportunities abound if we look. We generally find that taking advantage of God-given opportunities provides an abundance of God’s blessings.

Now that is something worth our gratitude. Thank you, Lord.

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