Unsuspecting Leadership…

We tend to be suspect of people, most events in our lives, and the world where we live, generally speaking. Two thoughts flow from the title of today’s post.

The first connects to the relationship of a leader with those who follow. When leadership exists without the suspicion of motives and actions on the part of followers, we find a situation described as unsuspecting leadership.

The second, however, relates to the character of the leader as it is seen by followers. When a leader’s character exemplifies the kind of integrity that is built on values of godliness, then the motives and actions of the leader are not questioned by followers. They possess an unsuspecting leadership.

The beauty of biblical leadership is found when both ideas are present in the relationship. The result displays trust, not a trust that is superficial, but one that provides transparency and strengthens the core of the church.

Developing this relationship takes time. Quality and durability are rarely the reward of implementing something quickly, but the result of time-honored, detail-oriented, values-based, and spiritually-focused effort.

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