Time and Energy…

Consider the value of time and energy connected to our leadership. People are not more incentivized by monetary or physical rewards than time and energy.

When people feel the only value they provide for an organization is from a financial position, then the long-term structure crumbles. We all recognize the time and energy we contribute to growth has value.

The same is true in every relationship. Think about parents who shower their children with gifts, but fail to shower them with time and energy. While children love receiving what they want, we all know the gift does not last long and the feeling at the moment fades quickly.

When time and energy are provided, however, children respond. Their response carries a long-term feeling of joy and, more importantly, a relationship of trust.

If we can emulate the same in our leadership environment, the response is the same. Consider the benefit to the church when Christians see leaders give of their time and energy. The result is huge in raising the level of trust and the desire to achieve the vision set forth by leadership.

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