Where to Begin…

A Google search often reveals more information than we can imagine and certainly more than we intended. In fact, most searches produce millions of potential areas related to our initial interest. The major issue at hand is where to begin. The task usually involves learning how narrow the search field or how to select from the major website options presented, which can be daunting.

Leadership development often presents the same problem: where to begin. To illustrate, Google search “Leadership Development” and notice more than 31,500,000 possibilities arise.

When we learn to specify areas of leadership development within the scope of the church or areas of spirituality, we find the field narrows.

Again, we discover the same struggle: where to begin. Perhaps we can begin by narrowing our search with two questions: 1) what needs exist, and 2) what piques our interest.

The priority of where our leadership begins rests on the need. However, we will also find that areas of interest keep us motivated to grow in leadership.

When we pour ourselves into these areas, what we find assists the direction of our leadership.

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