What Do We Look For?

People generally find what they look for, or so we are told.

We find truth in this thought because when we look for the worst, we find the worst. When we look for the best, we find the best. In most cases, the idea rests on a solid foundation.

Occasionally, even though we look for the worst, or best, we find the unexpected. We find the opposite.

This is especially true when leading people. When we look for the worst, or best, in people, that is often what we find. People tend to live up to our expectations. If we expect little, we get little. If we expect nothing, we get nothing. Of course, when we expect greatness, we get greatness.

Once in a while, however, when we thought we had everyone figured out, we are thrown the proverbial curve ball.

But, for a moment, consider the outcome if leaders led with intentionality and a purpose driven by the desire to look for only the best in people, and create the highest expectations.

We might just be surprised at the incredible results. Avoid negativity.

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