Three Fundamental Issues…

A recent blog post highlighted three fundamental issues that must be determined if we are to achieve anything worthwhile in life.

First, what do we really want? This question addresses our desires. Second, why do we want it? This question focuses on our motives. And third, how badly do we want it? The concluding fundamental issue speaks to our passion.

The author of this post, Tim Elmore, is the founder of Growing Leaders, an organization that specializes in leading the next generation.

Little, if anything, is accomplished without passion. The challenge before us involves how to determine our passion.

Another post by Steve Moore identifies the necessity of recognizing the difference between “interest-based passions and issue-based passions.”

Interest-based passions consist of fun activities, areas we have an interest in combined with a natural ability. We enjoy things “we are ‘good at’ and are good at things ‘we like.’”

Issue-based passions are connected to causes which provide fulfillment and “give us a sense of purpose.”

To learn more about passion, in relationship to leading, provides us with a greater foundation for the focus and direction of our leadership.

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