Strength and Balance…

A few years ago I was given a small level inscribed with the phrase “man of God.” The passage associated with this thought was Isaiah 40:31.

The combination of the text in Isaiah and the visual image of the level communicates two powerful messages.

One, Isaiah indicates the man of God is one who waits for the Lord. Such activity by the man of God provides new strength and an ability to endure tirelessly.

Two, the image of the level is a constant reminder that the man of God must remain balanced. Regardless of the challenges that tend to create imbalance, the man of God remains balanced/level.

These two ideas directly relate to the leadership God desires within the church. While waiting for the Lord, spiritual leaders are strengthened, prepared to face any difficulty, travel any distance, patiently endure any temptation, and overcome any obstacle.

These areas also relate to the necessity of remaining balanced. Spiritual leaders understand the responsibility of family and ministry, determined to find ways to balance both.

Find an image that helps you lead with strength and balance.

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