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On occasions, an opportunity occurs to gain valuable resources that assist our leadership development. While researching areas related to passionate leadership, I came across several articles, which ultimately led to a conversation with Steve Moore.

Steve Moore is the president of Missio Nexus, author of Who Is My Neighbor, and developer of the Passion Profile. The opportunity to visit with him was the highlight of my day.

Among several areas we discussed, I appreciated his insights into “Interest-based” and “Issue-Based” passions. He further identified, what he referred to as, “Incarnational” passion.

Incarnational passion involves a combination of interest-based passions (doing what we like to do) with “issue-based” passions (a cause we deeply care about).

Connected to these insights, Mr. Moore referred to four levels of passion: 1) inner desire to learn, 2) engage that desire in ways to get involved, 3) influence others to participate, and 4) sacrifice time, energy, and resources to learn, engage, and influence.

Passion cannot be hidden. When we become passionate about the cause of Christ, we will see growth and we will change the world.

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