Standing on Sacred Ground…Part 1

The leadership of Moses is one worth more time in study than we can give in one post. However, the introduction of Moses to God at the burning bush is a wonderful read.

As Moses approaches the burning bush he is told to remove his sandals because he is on holy ground. The idea of an ordinary bush becoming extraordinary because of God’s divine activity is incredible. His presence made this ground upon which Moses stood sacred.

God continues to do the same throughout the Bible, even today. His presence takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary with divine activity.

Twelve men: fishermen, a tax collector, a zealot, and others who were ordinary, “common” people, yet with God working through them, all of them became extraordinary.

Today, we need to also recognize the extraordinary nature of God working through the events and people in our lives to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. When these “burning bushes” exist, we need to stop and realize the sacred ground upon which we are standing. Pay attention to the activity of God that is shaping our leadership.

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