Through the Eyes of a Child…

The world seems to be a different place when looking through the eyes of a child. Their perspective of life and the events that surround life have a beautiful hint of simplicity. Such an approach would do wonders for our leadership.

Here is a seven step plan that certainly makes a difference in the way we lead others.

First, worry not about tomorrow, it might not come anyway.

Second, it is okay to get angry, but make up quickly and play as if it never happened.

Third, stop thinking about the clock. We cannot really measure the value of time by it.

Fourth, live life with anticipation of what we get to do each day.

Fifth, value the security of knowing someone else is in charge. Thank you Father.

Sixth, remember, a good night’s rest depends on living with truth and honesty.

Seventh, nothing is better than cookies and milk to put a smile on someone’s face.

We can learn so much from children and their approach to life. Perhaps this is why Jesus said we must become like them if we are to enter the kingdom.

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