The Day After…

After the build up and intensity of a major holiday like Christmas, the day after can be a bit of a let down. The anticipation and excitement of the time together ends and we move back into our routine(s).

While some are thankful the “hubbub” is over and we can all get back to “normal,” others are sad to see the time spent with family and friends come to an end.

When we approach various areas of leadership, the same effects often occur once the goal is achieved. As leaders cast a vision for the future, goals and plans are established. Morale reaches a pinnacle and we enjoy the anticipation and excitement that builds as we push into the depths of the work and keep our focus on the end.

What we do the day after makes the greatest impact on future success.

Never forget to celebrate achievement when goals are completed. Celebrate all who contributed to the success.

Always remember the vision. In recent leadership interviews, one individual identified the need for leaders who “bleed the vision.”

The vision extends beyond the goal and keeps everyone focused on the “why” of our existence.

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