What is Uniformity?

The power of uniformity is based on the development of consistency, invariability, stability and the regularity that characterizes leadership.

These four words are the defining qualities of uniformity.

Our leadership must demonstrate the consistency of a life lived according to the message believed and proclaimed. Hypocrisy destroys leadership more quickly than anything else.

The invariability of leading without fail and without exception is critical to the success of strong leadership. No matter what the cost, invariably, leaders will show up.

Of all the qualities that describe uniformity, followers need leaders with stability. There is something significant about a rock solid foundation. Stability provides followers with security.

The quality of regularity is demonstrated by a leadership that is fixed, unchanging, and unvarying. There is power when leaders provide regularity. When others can count on their leader, they follow…anywhere.

Uniformity is key to leading as God would have us lead today. While there may be challenges to the development and fulfillment of these qualities, when we do so, our leadership grows stronger and lasts longer.

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