Establish a Sense of Urgency…

John Kotter’s book, Leading Change, describes eight steps to ultimately anchor change within an organizational culture.

The first step has universal application: “establish a sense of urgency.” Without a sense of urgency, the possibility of change diminishes.

Often times, awareness of the problem or crises does not go unnoticed, but an overwhelming problem of complacency prevents the type of action that produces correction.

The church faces a leadership crisis. Too many congregations function with weak leadership, and even more function with little or no leadership. We find that some deny the reality of the situation, while others tend to ignore it altogether. This does not mean “every” congregation suffers from this problem, but the truth remains for a greater majority.

Consider this truism: “there is no success without a successor.” Who will become the elders, deacons, preachers, teachers, etc. for the next generation? What plans are in place to train future leaders within the church?

This post is not intended to paint a bleak picture, but unless we realize the urgency of the situation, nothing changes and the result will leave the church without leaders.

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