Keep Others Informed…

Three simple words, yet here is a principle that challenges our leadership. The challenge to our leadership exists because the idea behind this principle involves communication.

When leaders do not keep others informed, the following happens:

People grow suspicious.
Distrust blossoms in their minds.
An element of doubt develops in leadership ability.
Anxiety begins to characterize feelings.

The lack of communication is not always intentional. Sometimes, our life becomes structured. We develop a routine and life becomes monotonous. In the end, our communication often suffers.

Is it possible to prevent these concerns from developing and growing? Yes!

Following these three simple words…Keep others informed.

Within the church, there is a great need for leaders to keep the brethren informed.

What kind of information needs to be provided?

Inform others of the plans for the future.
Inform others of any changes that need to be made.
Inform others of challenges / or hindrances facing the plans.
Inform others of the needs.

When leaders communicate / inform others, trustworthy and loyal relationships develop. It is time for God’s leaders to lead.

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