Never Give Up…

All of us have to admit there are times when the road of leadership becomes difficult enough the easiest path to walk is to give up.

We also know the Bible is filled with instruction to endure until the end. Yet, we also know there are many who were unable to do so.

However, when considering the consequences of giving up, is it really the easiest choice?

When we give up…

We lose the edge of our character and get discouraged.

We will always wonder what could have happened “if” we had endured.

Someone else will lead, and their leadership is not always going to be in the right direction.

The opportunity to bring lasting change is delayed, if not eliminated.

The bottom line is – Satan wins!

Leadership has never been an easy road to walk. There are always problems to deal with and opposition to overcome. However, we must not allow those obstacles and challenges to cause us to give up.

A little twist on an old adage may prove helpful, leaders never quit and quitters never lead.

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