How to Walk Away…

Consider a long-standing thought: “Everyone brings happiness; some when they come and some when they leave.” Think about what this implies for our leadership.

There are times leaders are asked to leave and times when they choose to leave. How a leader walks away determines the nature of how they will be remembered.

Shattered farewells leave everyone hurting when leadership walks away from responsibility.

Divisive farewells leave followers turned against one another.

Venomous farewells leave a feeling of animosity, anger, distrust, and a lack of direction.

Gracious farewells leave followers united with a greater dedication to achieve the established vision, goals, and will of God that strengthen the overall good of everyone.

At some point, we say goodbye and when the time comes we all have to decide the level of integrity and Christlike character we will demonstrate. Here are few tips.

Remember the greater good of followers.

Always accept responsibility for actions.

Be kind, never harsh or abrasive no matter how unfairly treated.

Consider our Savior.

We are leaders and how we lead when we leave makes a difference.

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  1. Some years ago, I walked away, so to speak, from a situation that had deteriorated. I’m grateful that the Lord allowed me to leave it in a good spirit and in a such a way that not a few left behind feel kindly toward us. So you’re post here resonated with me. Thanks.

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