A True Leader…

“If ever a leader walked this earth…”

Most of you reading this blog are aware that the world lost a great leader this week. No, it was not a political figure in some high government position, nor was it someone acclaimed as famous by the world.

However, in the eyes of God, Cy Stafford was one of the greatest leaders of our generation.

I do not have enough space to describe Cy’s influence in my life. Cy’s love for leadership was based on his incredible love for God, His word, and His people. He lived the biblical example of leadership greatness, “a servant to all.”

We constantly shared titles of books about leadership we were reading at the time. I know his library was full and, thanks to Cy’s suggestions, so is mine.

The discussions we shared concerning leadership are times I will treasure all my life. The encouragement Cy provided continues to drive my love for the subject and my desire to grow leaders in the church around the world.

I loved and admired Cy’s passion for souls, evidenced by his work in Tanzania and everywhere his presence was felt. He was humble, kind, and generous beyond words.

Few people will be as missed as this beloved husband, father, babu, brother, and my friend. Thank you Cy for your heart and influence.

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