Four Passion Switches…

I enjoy reading new material, especially when it focuses on passion. Most agree that passion is the difference maker to success.

Darren Hardy’s book, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, talks about “Four Passion Switches.” These switches are below with a snippet of what they reference.

Be passionate about what you do: This one is the most common. People talk about their passion for what they do, but maintaining this level of passion 100 percent of the time is challenging.

Be passionate about why you do it: The mission and vision that drives what a leader does adds another level to passion and when we understand why, passion increases.

Be passionate about how you do it: This switch represents going above and beyond, not just settling for good enough or the status quo. How speaks to the importance of quality.

Be passionate about who you do it for: Hardy refers to this as the “means-to-an-end” switch. Knowing who benefits: family, community, country, etc. drives passion upwards.

I am excited to read more and encourage you to find ways to increase your passion as a leader.

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