Adding Value…

Adding value has become a catch phrase and a popular concept connected to the vision statements of several organizations. Leaders recognize that people are drawn to the idea of receiving something that adds value to their life.

From a leadership perspective, its serves us well to consider exactly what it is that adds value to the people we attempt to reach on a regular basis. The dichotomy between what we value versus someone else develops an interesting challenge.

What areas might be considered that add value to any person in any culture or generation? The answer may possibly be as subjective as what someone determines as valuable.

However, let’s consider a few possibilities.

Physically: Regardless of our nationality, we all have physical needs. When we provide for someone’s felt needs, we add value.

Emotionally: A bit more challenging, but high on the list today. When we demonstrate emotional intelligence toward others it adds value to their life.

Spiritually: Without a doubt, this is the most significant of the three. The greatest value we can add to someone’s life involves the spiritual connection with God.

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