Mark of Greatness…Part 2

Studying the life of Jesus reveals numerous marks of greatness that point to His leadership. As we considered yesterday, Jesus demonstrated compassion regarding the needs of others.

Another characteristic of His leadership was the ability to address matters of greater and more significant importance.

The disciples constantly questioned Jesus about matters of the kingdom, especially a physical emphasis.

The response given by Jesus answered their immediate inquisition, but He directed their attention deeper into matters that were more spiritual in nature.

One example involved the concern of the disciples over the destruction of the temple, the sign of His coming, and the end of the age.

While Jesus addressed their concerns with information related to the signs prior to this event, He took them further into the events surrounding the judgment day.

He wanted them to know that something greater than the destruction of the temple was coming and the reason for teaching them this truth was to prepare themselves and others for that day.

Our leadership is the same; we are to prepare others for that day.

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