Defining Success…

The definition of success varies from one individual to the next. We also find that individual and corporate definitions abound. However we choose to define success, whether achievement, financial freedom, independence, family, health, love, etc., remember that our success relies on the help we receive from or the help we provide others.

Marianne Williamson claims that “success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others.”

From a leadership perspective, we find biblical application connected to this definition of success. When leadership is built on self-interests and self-centered ambition, we can achieve success, at least as some define it.

However, biblical success is directly related to our passion, i.e. understanding that passion involves sacrifice and sacrifice is affiliated with what we give up. And when we make a sacrifice for others, our leadership influence soars.

We can enjoy peaceful rest when our talents and abilities are used to serve others in this way. Here is leadership at its best. How will you and I rest tonight?

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