Are We Objective?

Few words are as challenging to apply than being objective. It is true the idea behind the objective can involve a goal, an aim or task to achieve.

However, being objective also carries the thought of being uninfluenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts. Few thoughts are more needed and, yet, so difficult to accomplish.

The ability to consider and represent the facts without allowing emotions or preconceived ideas or opinions to influence the outcome is rare, if not impossible.

Jesus said it this way; “do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.” (Jn. 7:24)

From the life and leadership of Jesus we can learn several lessons in application to this thought.

Examine the facts carefully. Not everything is going to line up with preconceived ideas. Make certain all the facts have been gathered.

Study more deeply and diligently. A surface approach to God’s word allows too much opportunity for emotions to rationalize truth.

Ask penetrating questions. Good questions help develop depth to the information.

If there is one word that should characterize the quality of leadership it is being objective.

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