New Day Opportunities…

David wrote, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us be glad and rejoice in it.”

God hears our prayers of gratitude regarding the life given us today. We give thanks for opportunities a new day provides.

What exactly does a new day provide for our leadership? We have an opportunity to:

…reflect on yesterday and decide how to make changes for the day ahead.

…focus on the priorities of today realizing this may be the only day we are given.

…prepare ourselves for the day the Lord returns or we are called to Him.

…walk through doors to share the gospel with others who may never have another opportunity.

…share the depth of our love with those we often take for granted.

The opportunity to live a new day is a gift from God. We need to recognize this gift and seek ways to fulfill those areas in life we too often put off.

Today is the day. Do not wait any longer. Be wise with the precious nature of the time God has placed before us.

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