Genuine Leadership…

Those who desire to follow someone seek leadership that is genuine, or authentic. Several hindrances challenge the genuine nature of a leaders’ character: self, personal agenda, money, power, position, etc.

These areas do not mean an individual cannot be genuine. However, they do hinder the development of genuineness.

Consider a few ideas that increase the development of genuine leadership.

1) Think about the influence of our words and actions before we speak or act.

2) Use knowledge, commitment, and ability to lay the foundation for decisions and actions.

3) Deliver honest criticism in a spirit of love and concern for the well being of others.

4) Fairness and impartiality are essential when working with people.

5) Always begin and end with something nice and complementary.

6) Address the issues in our personal lives before trying to help others.

7) Ask for assistance and follow the suggestions provided.

The purpose behind these seven ideas is not simply to develop leadership character, but to demonstrate a genuineness that builds confidence in those we influence every day.

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