Why Are We Waiting?

I appreciate a statement made by Lemony Snicket, ”If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”

We know the dangers of procrastination and how destructive this quality is in the life of leaders.

Too often we convince ourselves that we are not quite ready, and so we wait…and wait.

If we decide to wait until we are ready, what exactly will it take for us to get ready? More money? More education? Greater opportunity? Time?

How will we know if we are ready? Are we waiting on a feeling? Are we waiting on someone to tell us we are ready?

There are always more questions than answers, but at some point we have to consider how we will answer the questions.

There are times when patience is truly a virtue, times when waiting another hour, day, or week is beneficial. However, if we wait until we are ready, chances are we may never be ready.

We may also have to consider if we even want to be ready. The decision is ours to make. Let’s not wait.

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