Feeling Secure…

Security highlights several important factors that have a significant role in leadership.

When leadership provides direction that is fixed so as not to give way, followers feel secure.

When there is no threat because leaders keep followers safe and unharmed, they feel secure.

When followers are protected against the attacks of the enemy, the environment is secure.

When leaders are stable, eliminate anxiety, and are free from fear, security exists.

Go back through the four statements above and consider them within a spiritual context. There is a great need for leaders who do not give way to a liberal direction, who provide spiritual protection from the forces of Satan/evil. Spiritual leaders must provide stability that eliminates the fear and anxiety associated with the temporal world.

For leaders to accomplish this type of security a few simple steps will help.

1) Be strong in faith.

2) Grow in knowledge of the word.

3) Trust in God.

4) Remember there is strength in numbers.

5) Lead with confidence.

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