A Spiritual Catalyst…Part 1

By definition, a catalyst is “a substance that increases the rate of chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.”

When a leader serves as a catalyst amazing developments can occur. Over the next few days we will examine the characteristics of a spiritual catalyst with the intent of improving our ability as leaders.

Today, the characteristic is one of helping others.

In their book, The Starfish and the Spider, Brafman and Beckstrom researched several areas concerning leadership and the qualities of a catalyst.

Consistent with each was their desire to help others. As I read through the examples provided, I could not help but connect the idea to a spiritual catalyst.

Spiritual catalysts are able to effect powerful influence because they desire to help others.

Catalysts help others see their potential in the Lord’s kingdom.

Catalysts help others implement plans to reach their potential.

Catalysts help others connect with people who can assist them reach their potential.

The need for catalysts is significant in the development of the Lord’s kingdom. Tomorrow we will consider another characteristic.

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