The Strength of our Heart…

As the psalmist identifies the source of his strength in God, he concludes by pointing out that God is also his portion forever.

The word translated “portion” is often translated as “reward.”

The power behind this thought is key to a spiritual leadership. Realizing that God is our strength gives us confidence, but knowing that He is our reward gives us hope.

Spiritual leaders must always portray the confidence of God given strength. However, one of the most powerful components to great leadership is the ability to instill hope in others.

The world is filled with so many challenges, discouragements, and disappointments. Among all the needs, or perceived needs, hope tops the list.

When leadership provides others with hope, no matter how high the mountain, how low the valley, or the size of the obstacle, we can endure and overcome.

With this in mind, let us lead with an understanding of what the future holds for those who are faithful followers.

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