Listening, the Power of Communication

In Psalm 141, David wrote, “Give ear to my voice when I call to You.”

David was pleading with God to listen to him. He desired an audience with God and wanted Him to listen intently with an understanding that moved the Creator into action.

A key characteristic of spiritual leaders is prayer. The avenue of prayer is significant to leadership for a couple of reasons.

First, leaders understand the need to communicate with the One who is in control of all things. To have an audience with God yields the greatest power in every situation. The desire is for God to listen and act upon the requests brought to Him.

Second, understanding how communication works with God also helps leaders understand the need for effective communication with others. In leadership, others need to know their voice is being heard and that leaders are attentive to their call.

Communication is a noteworthy subject in every relationship. While it applies to leaders, it also applies to everyone.

When leaders are effective communicators issues are resolved more quickly and progress results.

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