My Defense…

In Psalm 35 David writes, “The Lord is the defense of my life; whom shall I dread.”

Nothing is more powerful than knowing we have the greatest Ally defending us. As Paul further claims by use of a question; “if God is for us, who can be against us?”

However, the challenge is living out the reality of this thought. When we hold to this truth it can change the direction of our leadership.

We could write several articles discussing a number of areas leaders fear regarding leadership, but that is not the purpose of this post.

Leaders need to demonstrate confidence, the type of confidence that is not based on one’s own personal abilities, but a confidence built upon a relationship with God.

David and Paul understood there was no need to fear anyone or anything. God was the defense of their lives.

As leaders, we should always know and be aware of the Ally we have in God.

When this relationship exists there is no need to fear, because God is for us. He will defend us and fight for us. This is how we lead with godly confidence.

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