Thirsting for God…

A key thought expressed throughout the Psalms is the idea of thirsting for God. Several analogies are used, but the one most common is also a song we sing today: “As the deer pants for the water, so my soul pants for You, O God.”

The various qualities, principles, axioms, and requirements for good leadership all carry a significant weight in leadership development.

However, in the arena of spiritual leadership, considering everything stated above, the key to true leadership is based on that thirst for God.

The idea of thirsting involves a need, want, craving, an insatiable desire. We understand the idea as it is applied to a drink of water when dehydration exists.

However, do we also understand the application in a spiritual setting?

When we examine our attitude toward worship, obtaining the necessary tools to grow in our study of God’s word, visiting those who are no longer faithful, and reaching out to those without Christ, what word would we be the right description?

When a relationship with God is characterized by thirsting, leaders are strengthening every area of their leadership.

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