What Questions Are We Asking? Part 2

Yesterday, we looked at the first of four questions great leaders ask. The article, written by Mike Maddock for Forbes, has powerful insight into questions leaders should ask. The first question involved answering the difference between what is essential and urgent.

The second question is one that also demands thought: What should we stop doing?

This question follows on the heels of the first question. Once a leader understands what is essential, there are certain elements to be eliminated.

These elements distract leaders and become time stealers, robbing leaders of the time to focus on matters of an essential nature.

Through the process of eliminating areas of lesser importance (what we should stop doing), leaders can focus their time and energy on the essential side of the “to-do” list.

The implication for spiritual leadership is significant. Spiritual leaders realize the need to prioritize life and work by recognizing the proper balance between what is urgent versus essential.

As we make our way through each question, please take time to consider the answers in application to the leadership needed in the church today.

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